Double-dipping – Can “Born-agains” be Born Again?

July 16, 2008 at 10:12 am

Jim Henderson of Off the Map announced this past weekend The Born Again Church Tour 2008.
After receiving this announcement, I visited the website and read the first blog post, entitled, “Only Prostitutes Rank Lower than Evnagelicals.” Interesting dialogue going on there. I asked how is it possible for “born agains” to be born again, and Jim responded,

“Born agains” can get born again – and again- we’ve made it a passive concrete term but it is an active term which is why Jesus used water and wind to help round out the meaning of it all.

I met Jim when I volunteered at the Off The Map Live event in 2006 at Overlake Christian Church. I think that year’s event was called Revolution. They returned to the Seattle area in 2007 and I volunteered again, at a different venue even closer to my home! I think I’m turning into an Off the Map Live volunteer junkie! I plan to volunteer again this year, but unfortunately the Seattle dates conflict with my schooling – so, I guess I’ll have to go on the road for this one!

If you haven’t been to an Off the Map Live event, I highly recommend it. You can buy tickets here. I’m still undecided about whether to go to Denver or L.A. Any suggestions?


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